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Would you like to update old or
generate new documentation?

   The analysis of the target group is an essential factor when it comes to the generation of technical documentation. Is it meant for an engineer or the
end consumer?  Does it serve
operating or marketing purposes?

The different types of documentation
can be worlds apart
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We are currently in the development phase.

Our Tech Doc department will be available again in the third quarter of 2021.


How comprehensible is your documentation?

We do more than just eliminate
spelling and grammar mistakes.
We pay attention to style and design. We evaluate your documentation in relation to the target audience.

   The reader automatically supplements information that is not included in the text with his own background knowledge and experience.

It is thus important that your documentation leaves no space
for linguistic interpretations
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What language does
your customer speak?

When you import your product into another country, you also have to provide your documentation in the respective language.

More often than not, the translator
is also the last quality auditor
and his questions to the
documentation developer
help to improve the source product
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